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Don Jr. trolls silent Hillary over Harvey Weinstein, actor Rob Schneider gives him awesome assist

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Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on decades of sexual harassment complaints against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

…and her silence thus far is deafening.

Especially so considering Weinstein, who donated at least $33,500 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016, believes the same conservatives who went after his long-time ally, are now after him.

“I’m not just owning my responsibilities, I know that,” Weinstein said in a statement that tried to divert attention away from him. “There are no excuses, but there are no excuses for people who are conservatives, Republicans, who are financing things against me in every area, be it personal, charitable, whatever.”

Weinstein is reportedly being suspended from his film company after The New York Times reported that the big-time Democrat donor has reached legal settlements with at least eight women over claims of sexual harassment.

And the pressure in now on Clinton to comment on Weinstein’s alleged terrorizing of women.

…or for her media allies to admit that their shining example of female empowerment isn’t a feminist icon:

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s son is doing his part to keep the heat on Clinton.

“Weird, Hillary has been really quiet about Harvey Weinstein. You would think she would be all Over this. ?” the president’s namesake tweeted.

Trump Jr. also “liked” a tweet from actor Rob Schneider that mocked Clinton’s silence.

“Whoever kidnapped the last 48 hours so she couldn’t talk to the press PLEASE LET HER GO!” Schneider tweeted.


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