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Brace yourselves! President Trump just dealt Obamacare birth control mandate a major blow

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President Donald Trump’s administration will rollback the Obamacare mandate that forces employers to cover employee birth control, and progressives are irate.

The administration announced on Friday that employers who cite religious or moral opposition to providing contraceptives will be exempt from the mandate, provided they tell their employees of the change, the New York Times reported.

Non profit and for profit faith-based organizations will be able to claim moral or religious objection and avoid providing the paperwork previously needed. Publicly traded companies must specifically identify a religious objection to qualify for the exemption.

“Application of the mandate to entities with sincerely held religious objections to it does not serve a compelling governmental interest,” the administration said, according to the Times.

“The government already engages in dozens of programs that subsidize contraception for the low-income women,” it said.

The decision was not welcomed by women’s rights activists.

“I think what the Trump administration is trying to do is effectively gut the rule without repealing it, because repealing it would be so unpopular,” Gretchen Borchelt, of the National Women’s Law Center, told the Huffington Post.

“If you truly want to reduce the need for abortion,” Planned Parenthood’s Dana Singiser said, “invest in women’s health and preventative care.”

Many took to social media to voice their anger over the rule.

And so it begins:

The horror. Having to pay for something on your own.

Fake news. It isn’t banned. You simply have to pay for it yourself.

Many on the right heralded the news as a victory for religious freedom.

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