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Cuomo’s on-air meltdown defending CNN against fake news charge does not disappoint

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Typical of a liberal, CNN’s Chris Cuomo believes if he says something long enough and loud enough, it becomes the truth.

Cuomo was interviewing Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, and when the CNN anchor didn’t get the answer he was seeking when he asked his guest for his thoughts on President Trump’s criticism of how the media has covered the hurricane relief effort in Puerto Rico, he had an on-air meltdown.

Mulvaney replied that networks have been reporting on the “bad stuff” while ignoring the good things being accomplished.

“That’s not what you do in a situation like this!” Cuomo fired back, veins bulging from his neck. “You report the reality! That’s not being done to you, to the president, Mick, to embarrass you. It’s just being able to reinforce the need.”

Betraying any pretense of impartiality he may have had, Cuomo, a news anchor, then declared that the federal government’s relief efforts in Puerto Rico were inadequate — this coming from a network that exists almost entirely for the purpose of destroying this president.

“Whatever’s being done is not enough and if you don’t know that now you’re never gonna know it,” Cuomo told Mulvaney.

While on his liberal soapbox, Cuomo opted to defend CNN’s reputation as #FakeNews.

“When you say some of this reporting is fake… It’s disingenuous and it’s not true,” he insisted. “Don’t call it fake because it’s not fake.

Tom Tillison


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