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NBA brass sends MEMO to team owners: Players to stand during national anthem, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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It seems obvious the National Basketball Association can read polls gauging public sentiment when it comes to sports figures protesting the national anthem.

In the latest sign that, despite a possible poor choice of words, President Donald Trump is in the right defending America, the National Basketball Association sent a memo to all 30 teams on Friday reinforcing its rule that players and coaches must stand for the national anthem.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum sent the memo to owners, team presidents and general managers, according to The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the communique.

Suggesting a break with the NFL, which waived its rules to allow players to protest, the memo explained the NBA “will determine how to deal with any possible instance in which a player, coach or trainer does not stand for the anthem.”

“Teams do not have the discretion to waive this rule,” the communique stressed.

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 24: Baltimore Ravens players kneel for the American National anthem during the NFL International Series match between Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on September 24, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

As an alternative, teams can demonstrate “the NBA’s core values of equality, diversity, inclusion and serve as a unifying force in the community” by addressing fans prior to the national anthem.

The address can feature a player or coach — it might prove entertaining to see the reaction these brave souls receive from the crowd.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a news conference Thursday in New York that he expects players to stand for the national anthem, The Post reported.

“We have a rule that requires our players to stand for the anthem,” Silver said. “It’s been our rule for as long as I’ve been involved with the league, and my expectation is that our players will continue to stand for the anthem.”

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