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Chelsea Handler’s crude joke about Melania Trump crosses every line and insults millions of Americans

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Like most classless, Trump-hating liberal ‘comedians,’ Chelsea Handler doesn’t seem to know the difference between a funny joke and a tasteless insult that crosses every line of decency at the expense of the person they are trying to denigrate.

At that point, they’re not even trying to be funny, just mean, and their true colors shine through more than ever.

On Friday, the 42-year-old talk show host and comedian aimed a broadside at first lady Melania Trump and her round table discussion the previous day about a serious crisis facing millions of Americans – opioid abuse.

“Melania to host a discussion on opioid abuse,” Handler Tweeted. “She says unless you have to have sex with Donald Trump, you have no excuse to be on drugs.”

Way to get a classless, unfunny dig in at the president and first lady, Chelsea, but did you consider that your tasteless Tweet might have been insulting to the millions of Americans who are tragically addicted to opioids?

Of course not, because as long as you’re on the Left, you can ‘joke’ about anything as long as the right people are the butt of them.

Meanwhile, the first lady’s Thursday round table included Kellyanne Conway, HHS Secretary Tom Price and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie along with several others in the opioid crisis ‘trenches.’ There were also two parents who had lost their sons to heroin overdoses.

No sympathy, of course, from Handler for these parents or the countless others like them. Only insensitive jokes about the people she hates.




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