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Bill Clinton lap dance scene removed from new Tom Cruise movie ‘American Made’ before it hits theaters

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A new Tom Cruise movie hits theaters on Friday but it will be devoid of a scene that shows former President Bill Clinton in a precarious position.

The movie “American Made” depicts the real life cocaine and arms smuggling operation, along with money laundering, run by pilot Barry Seal, played by Tom Cruise.

The picture borrows from a conspiracy theory that claims Clinton, who was the governor of Arkansas at the time, and former President George H.W. Bush, were involved in the wrongdoing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The theory suggests that Clinton and Bush participated in the smuggling and laundering scheme that ran through Mena, Arkansas.

But he scene in which the Seal character attempts to get Clinton involved in the CIA-backed operation, while he sat in a strip club getting a lap dance, has been cut from the movie.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the scene was cut because its financier, Cross Creek Pictures, did not want the movie to be political. Let that sink in.

The title of the movie was also changed from its original “Mena” to “American Made” to soften the relationship the scheme had to the state of Arkansas while Clinton served as governor.

The movie also cut another scene that implicated Bush as being complicit in the scandal that sent arms to Contras, and trained some of them in the United States.

Former President George W. Bush, and former National Security Council staffer, and current Fox News contributor, Oliver North, are depicted in the picture. North is portrayed explicitly as a criminal, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

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