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Campus police in hot pursuit of white man who peed on BLM chalk drawing, thank God they are so diligent

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It’s not exactly the ‘crime of the century.’

And yet, University of Michigan police are in hot pursuit of a man who apparently committed the worst of crimes in this politically correct era – sacrilege.

Footage posted on Twitter caught the white man man relieving himself on a ‘Black Lives Matter’ chalk drawing on the school’s iconic Diag, the same spot where several protests have occurred over the past few days.

Now we’re not in any way condoning relieving oneself in public, even on such a tempting spot, but apparently, the man was unaware that the only ‘crime’ one can commit these days and totally get away with it is to beat people senseless while wearing a black mask and claiming you’re for ‘equality.’

According to the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety and Security, the incident happened early Wednesday morning and was brought to their attention after the video catching him in the act went viral.

The same day, a demonstrator grabbed attention for ‘taking a knee’ for 20 straight hours.

“There were images and videos released to social media of a person urinating near the black M on our Diag,” Public Information Officer Diane Brown told the New York Post. “The division of public safety is investigating.”

If caught, the man could face disorderly conduct charges and even a ‘hate crime,’ according to Brown.

“Anti-blackness after Dana kneels in protest of racism at umich, white student pees on BLM chalk on diag. share widely to help identify,” a Twitter user who shared the video wrote.

Sounds like they should probably put all units on this one, especially since none are tied up investigating the many documented crimes of masked Antifa goons.

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