CNN’s Acosta buried in mockery for conducting ‘one of the bravest fact checks of our time’

If CNN’s Jim Acosta is about anything at all in the Age of Trump, it’s finding new and increasingly absurd ways to criticize the man who forever pinned him with the label “Fake News.”

This time, after President Trump’s Wednesday speech in Indianapolis, ‘Mr. Fake News’ gave his hot take on such critical issues as whether or not the proposed GOP tax cut will actually help the president and whether or not there were “a lot of red hats” in the audience, both things Trump contended in his speech.

Because those are issues the public cares massively about.

When CNN cut to the Chief White House Correspondent shortly after Trump finished speaking, Acosta said, “We simply don’t know whether or not that’s true because the president, as you know, as we all know, refuses to release his tax returns.”

And he wasn’t finished nitpicking:

“Just to add to that, there was one point during this event where the president said, ‘well, as I look out at this crowd I see a lot of red hats,'” Acosta said. “I only counted three. So like it is when you’re doing your TV appearances listening to the president today, uh, certainly could use some careful accounting.”

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After also Tweeting both points out, Acosta took quite the hammering for his absurd criticisms.

And now, the hammering…

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