Peyton Manning for senate? GOP rep sparks Twitter frenzy after Bob Corker bombshell

It could be the biggest play of Peyton Manning’s career.

The former Indianapolis Colt and Denver Broncos quarterback’s name is being floated as the next possible senator in the state of Tennessee.

It happened after Republican Sen. Bob Corker announced on Tuesday that he would not seek another term.

Shortly after Corker’s announcement, Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais suggested that Manning could be the right fit to take his place, in an interview with Business Insider.

“[Peyton Manning] is a great guy and a popular guy,” DesJarlis told Business Insider, but added that Manning “may be looking more at” a possible 2020 run for Senate if Sen. Lamar Alexander decides to retire, as has been rumored.

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Manning has shown an affinity for the Republican Party as he has donated to Gov. Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run, Gov. Jeb Bush’s primary campaign in 2016.

Manning joins Kid Rock as another Republican celebrity the public has become enamored with running for senate.

But he ought to beware, the left has started attacking Kid Rock, who has not officially announced that he is running for senate.

Nonetheless, social media was excited about the prospect of Sen. Manning.

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