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Video: LIVID Steelers fan burns his expensive team gear

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The number of fans who have had their fill of the NFL blatantly allowing millionaire players bemoaning oppression to disrespect the country continues to grow, as does the number who are tuning out.

But some fans are going even further, opting to burn their NFL gear!

With waning interest in a game that has NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s signature all over it, seeing fans discarding valued team merchandise is a troubling sight for the league, but that’s just what Robert Williams did.

…in a very public manner.

With the media flipping things on their head, where refusing to show respect for the national anthem is cheered, while taking a stand against it is vilified, Williams posted a video of himself setting hundreds of dollars worth of nice Pittsburgh Steelers gear ablaze.

Williams’ beloved Steelers, with the lone exception of one true hero, opted to sit in the locker room Sunday while the national anthem was played and he was livid over that decision.

“We have morals in this country,” Williams said. “We stand for this country.”

And he explained just why that is.

“My great uncle’s bones are lying in the bottom of Pearl Harbor,” Williams said. “For this country. For the flag. For your freedom to play in the NFL and to say whatever you want to say. But you do not disrespect the flag and the country and the Constitution.

“So watch this stuff burn.”

Tom Tillison


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