Mom and daughter tag-team beat driver unconscious for blowing horn; video captures rage

Society seems to be unraveling like a poorly knit sweater.

A Florida woman was dragged out of her car and beaten unconscious by a woman and her daughter.

…because she dared to blow her horn when cut off.

Shelley Lyn Gemberling, 49, and Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, 20, were hit with aggravated battery and burglary charges after going into a fit of rage over the incident, according to WFLA.

The victim, Emily Bailey, had stopped at a traffic light after encountering the women on Tuesday and that’s when she was grabbed by the hair and pulled from her vehicle through the open driver’s window.

According to a witness, Gemberling pulled Bailey out through the window.

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SG Bailey
Screen Grab Emily Bailey

“It was the longest red light of my life,” Baily told WFLA. “They kept screaming at me, telling me they wanted to f—–g kill me. I just wanted the light to change.”

Bailey, who suffered a broken nose among other injuries, let on to why she didn’t just drive through the light.

“I never thought they would get out of their car and run toward me and pull me out of my vehicle,” she said.

A video captured Scarduzio pummeling a motionless Bailey on the ground, stopping only when another motorist intervened.

All of which makes one wonder why just an aggravated battery charge.

“The mom grabbed me by my throat and started squeezing my neck,” Bailey recalled. “The daughter grabbed me by the back of my hair and started pulling.”

“When I looked into the woman’s eyes, I saw pure rage,” she added. “It looked like she wanted to kill me. During those times, the daughter said, ‘Stop hitting my mom. Quit hitting my mom.’ And, then she hit me again and everything went black.”

A witness said she did not see Bailey strike the suspects at any time.

Bailey said it was hard to watch the video.

“It’s very traumatizing. I think I’ve cried the first four times I’ve seen it,” she said.  “I question every time getting in the car now. Definitely, I don’t want to beep my horn at anyone.”

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