Cop shoots grabby suspect 7 times across the street from a school; Social media immediately attacks officer

Video captured the terrifying moment a California police officer fired seven shots into a suspect outside of a 7-11, killing him.

The video started with the suspect on the ground and then showed him reaching for the officer’s belt and appeared to grab his magazine before he quickly got to his feet, the Daily Mail reported.

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The Huntington Beach police officer stepped back and fired six shots at the suspect, who was dressed all in black, and the suspect did not fall.

The unidentified officer screamed “Get down, get down!” before he fired a seventh shot which finally knocked the man off his feet.

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Huntington Beach Police did not say why police were called to the scene, but issued a statement confirming that the suspect had died.

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“At 9.30am, an officer contacted a subject outside the 7-Eleven. At that time, an altercation ensued between the suspect and the officer and an officer-involved shooting occurred.

“The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he later died” the statement read.

Video showed the man on the ground after being shot, still holding, what appeared to be, the magazine he took off of the officer’s belt.

Witness reports claimed that there was a robbery inside the store, and a hostage was taken, but those reports have not been confirmed by the Huntington Beach police, according to the Daily Mail.

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The person who shared the footage on Twitter, @Cali_Funk1, said there was not a robbery.

Not surprisingly many on social media rushed to blame the officer.

Others had another take.

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