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Bromance is not over, but John McCain let his best friend Lindsey Graham down and Trump’s rubbing it in

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U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham insists his friendship with Sen. John McCain is “not based on how he votes” though he thinks he is completely wrong on health care.

The South Carolina senator let it be known that he “respectfully” disagrees with his good friend who once again blocked an attempt to repeal the failed Obamacare, dooming the GOP efforts to pass health care reform legislation.

Graham believed the bill was “the best chance to repeal and replace Obamacare,” and said he felt “an obligation to fix this disaster.” He concluded his statement with, “We press on.”

McCain announced his opposition Friday to the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, which is co-sponsored by his Senate buddy, earning criticism from conservatives and praise from liberals who have vehemently opposed the legislation.

President Trump slammed McCain on Twitter Saturday, telling the Arizona Republican he had “let his best friend” Graham down.

A 51-vote majority vote by the Senate must be made by Sept. 30 in order to pass the bill but GOP Sens. Paul, of Kentucky; Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska and Susan Collins, of Maine are holdouts as before and could join McCain in voting no.

Trump ticked off some NFL players last night and they fired back. Boo hoo, boys.

Former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, Dan Bongino, wondered how McCain could even be called a Republican.

“How many times is this guy going to rescue Obamacare from the abyss?” Bongino said Saturday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“John McCain sold us all out. And I’m still wondering why he claims to be a Republican senator, despite being the Democrats’ best friend right now,” he said.

“John McCain ran … on repealing Obamacare. He’s rescued this thing twice,” Bongino said, “At what point does the GOP say, ‘Listen, you’re not a member of our party anymore.”

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