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‘Last Man Standing’ still out as ABC gears up for new ‘Sanctuary Family’ show. More ‘brainwashing’ to come

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I guess we can all put to rest the rumors and hope of a “Last man Standing” revival.

Screenshot, ABC’s “Last Man Standing”

ABC was quick to nix its  pro-American and succesful sitcom starring conservative actor Tim Allen.  It seems the liberal execs at the network had to make room for new programming that will tout the virtues of illegal activity.

The new show tentatively titled, “Sanctuary Family” will follow the story of a married couple who takes in an illegal alien nanny and her family, Fox News reported.

According to a description of the sitcom from ABC, the family puts a strain on the couple’s marriage but, eventually, they see that “the differences both families have aren’t as significant as their similarities.”

“Sanctuary Family” is one of several of its kind coming this fall that will focus on illegal immigrants.

The CW is bringing a one hour dramedy, titled “Illegal,” which centers on the trials and tribulations of a DACA eligible teen who was brought to America illegally by his parents, Deadline.com reported.

It’s one of two TV shows produced by “Jane The Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, on the topic of illegal immigrants.

The other, titled “Have Mercy,” is headed to CBS and is about a Latina doctor who cannot practice when she moves to Miami, illegally.

The doctor risks being deported when she opens a clinic in her apartment to care for the community.

Another show, headed to Fox, called “In The Country We Love,” will focus on an attorney who begins taking pro bono cases for illegal immigrants because her parents were deported to Columbia when she was a teenager, according to Deadline.

If you thought Hollywood got political at the Emmy awards you haven’t seen anything yet.

Social media was outraged.

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