MSNBC tyrant Lawrence O’Donnell has a rough night after video of him verbally abusing crew is leaked

lawrence o'donnell rant tirade msnbc apology
MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is a verbally abusive jackass who bullies, curses, and yells at his crew.

Trump-hating MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is a verbally abusive jackass who bullies, curses, and yells at his crew.

That’s what leaked outtakes from the August 29 episode of his show, “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,” indicate.

In the profanity-laced, 8-minute video, O’Donnell screams at his staff about a malfunctioning earpiece and hammering noises coming from outside the control room.

“Stop the hammering! Stop the hammering out there!” O’Donnell shouts to his crew. “Who’s got a hammer? Where is it? Where’s the hammer? Go up on the other floor! Somebody go up there and stop the hammering! Stop the hammering! I’ll go down to the g-ddamned floor myself and stop it!”

lawrence o'donnell rant msnbc hammering
MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell verbally abuses his crew, as leaked video confirms what a jerk he really is. Maybe the hammering was from Hillary smashing her government-issued phones. (Images: screengrabs)

O’Donnell then demanded that his staff call MSNBC president Phil Griffin to stop the noise, which the crew has no control over. The hammering noises also appeared to be coming from a different floor, so it’s not like the crew could have done anything about it.

“Call f-cking Phil Griffin! I don’t care who you have to call!” O’Donnell yells. “Stop the hammering! Empty out the g-ddamned control room and find out where this is going on!”

O’Donnell obviously did not care that he was creating a hostile work environment for a young female staffer, who dutifully placed papers on his desk as he continued to scream and curse. At one point, O’Donnell violently slammed his fists down on his desk.

O’Donnell then tore up a piece of paper while launching into a self-pitying rant. “It just f—ing sucks!” he yelled, without regard for his how tirade was affecting his staffers. “It f-cking sucks to be out here with this out-of-control sh-t.”

Hours after the video leaked, O’Donnell issued a terse apology, admitting: “A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.”

In liberal PC parlance, don’t you mean anchor PERSON, Larry?  Sexist pig.

The hypocrisy of all this is that Lawrence O’Donnell spends almost all his airtime trashing President Trump as a bully and a tyrant. But that’s exactly what he apparently is behind the scenes.

Is it any wonder that one of his staff leaked the video so his bullying can be outed? I wonder what O’Donnell did to his crew after the video went viral.

Not surprisingly, O’Donnell got hilariously lampooned on Twitter for his epic meltdown.

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