Brian Williams asks if ‘sovereignty’ in Trump’s UN speech is a ‘dog whistle,’ unexpected hilarity follows

Mr. fake news, Brian Williams, was destroyed on social media after he suggested President Donald Trump’s United Nations speech on “sovereignty” was actually a dog whistle.

Williams made the assertion during his “11th Hour” program on MSNBC on Tuesday night.

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“Back to the use of this word sovereign and sovereignty. Did you hear a buzz word or dog whistle in his repeated use of that word?” he asked his guest Anita Kumar, who covers the White House for McClatchy Newspapers.

“We knew he was going to talk a little bit about that because they had given us a preview, no words or anything. So we were sort of expecting this theme, but it was just way more — it was just over the top,” she said. “You know, it caused me to go back through and count how many times he used that word sovereign or sovereignty 21 times. It was definitely the word.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto was also bugged by the word when he spoke to Don Lemon, but he believed is was a move toward authoritarian rule.

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“I have to say the point Robin highlighted there, this idea of sovereignty, that’s a loaded term. This is a favorite expression of authoritarian leaders from China to Russia to African dictatorships. It’s about ‘We all have different values. Don’t preach to me about human rights,'” he said.

“You’ve often heard that kind of rhetoric pushing back at America, saying democracy, open society is the way forward. So to hear an American president, that’s a real departure from the public comments and really a tenet of U.S. foreign policy, Democrat and Republican for decades, about not just the U.S. is a democratic example but supporting democracy abroad. You had a president here say, ‘You know what? We’re not going to impose. What you do inside your borders is your business.'”

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