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Tucker takes ‘ungrateful’ DACA immigrant head on: What gives you the right to demand anything?

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Tucker Carlson slammed the “lack of gratitude” from undocumented immigrants and DACA recipients who are getting a “good deal” living in the U.S. and said they have “no right” to be making demands.

The Fox News host commented on video of protesters who disrupted a press conference by Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Monday, angry that she is working with President Trump to save the “Dreamers,” recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, from deportation.

“What I find so striking about that video,” said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, “is the lack of gratitude and the hostility from people who are really getting a pretty good deal from the United States.”

DACA recipient Ivan Ceja told Carlson those in the country illegally will be holding both politocal parties accountable for promises made but not kept and for “not including us in the conversations.”

Ceja explained that undocumented immigrants would be looking at voting records to know who may have “at some point voted against us,” which prompted Carlson to interrupt in order to clarify.

“You’re saying that you and other non-U.S. citizens are going to hold U.S. citizens accountable for not being nice enough to non-U.S. citizens,” Carlson said. “Is that what you’re saying?”

Ceja expalined that some illegal immigrants who came to the country as children are taxpayers who “take great part in their community,” and elected officials are supposed to represent them even though they are unable to vote for them.

“I’ve always been very pro-immigrant,” Carlson countered. “You’re making me very anti-immigration by what you’re saying right now because of its tone but also because of the threat you just issued to people who don’t see it your way.

But the Fox News host was not done explaining to Ceja how the U.S. government is actually designed to work.

“The U.S. government exists to serve the needs and protect the needs of U.S. citizens. It does not exist to protect the needs of non-U.S. citizens. Do you see the distinction?” he asked. “I think all countries are that way. All of them.”

He pointed out that, though he sympathized with DACA recipients, their demands for respect, benefits and a political voice would be dismissed in any other country.

“They’s say ‘Buzz off, pal! Leave. You have no position from which to demand those things,'” Carlson said, as Ceja continued to press that many DACA beneficiaries are serving their communities and paying taxes.

“It’s just nonsense,” Carlson countered.

“Yeah, some of them are great people. Some of them are criminals and drug dealers. They’re people,” he said, adding “let’s stop with the propaganda.”

“For the 11 to 15 million people who snuck in the country and are using forged documents to work, undercutting the wages of American citizens, on what basis do they get to tell me as an American citizen ‘I want this, I demand that,'” Carlson asked. “You have no right to demand anything if you’re one of those people.”

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