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Libs just found a way to drag 11-year-old Barron Trump into the fray again

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President Trump has repeatedly shown that he has a wry sense of humor. In fact, it’s one of the traits his supporters find most endearing.

But in their overblown reactions to something as innocuous as a tweet, liberals are showing their true colors. In response to Trump’s most recent viral humor pic, Democrats are dragging his 11-year-old son Barron into the mix.

It began with the President’s latest lampoon of the political left, a retweeted a gif depicting himself taking a swing on the golf course. The scene then cuts to a clip of Hillary falling over while boarding a plane. The author of the gif edited in a golf ball flying into Clinton’s back, making it appear Trump caused her sudden collapse.


But the political left was not amused. As expected, Trump’s detractors exploded in outrage–demonstrating once again that that they’re completely incapable of taking a joke.


Despite all this virtue-signaling, liberals seemingly have no problem slinging mud at a little boy. Danny Zuker, executive producer of the hit ABC comedy Modern Family, took aim at Trump’s youngest son, Barron.

Washed-up actress Rosie O’Donnell, who basically makes a living attacking young Barron now, was quick to applaud Zuker’s out-of-place comment.

O’Donnell wasn’t the only one. Liberal-after-liberal chimed in to take their Trump-issues out on his son. Fortunately, at least one user said children should be off-limits.

But the Trump-haters would hear nothing about decency.




One benefit of President Trump’s controversial tweets: they reveal the warped psyche lying within these liberals. For the left, it’s a race to the bottom to see who can react to Trump with the most depravity.


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