Judge Jeanine Pirro lays EPIC smackdown on crybaby Hillary: ‘You lost, he won, karma’s a b-tch’

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro unleashed a volcanic smackdown on Hillary Clinton, who can’t stop whining over her election loss to President Donald Trump.

Pirro said self-pitying “psychopath” Hillary needs to stop blaming everyone else for her loss and move on with her pathetic life.

“What happened? You lost, he won. Karma’s a b-tch,” Pirro said. “You lost because people don’t like you. They don’t trust you. You’re arrogant and condescending. You call them names like deplorable, and you have the moral core of a jellyfish.”

judge jeaning pirro slams hillary clinton wheel of blame
Judge Jeanine Pirro said Hillary Clinton needs to get over herself and quit whining. (Images: Twitter)

Pirro added: “And you wonder why your accomplishments aren’t recognized. Your state department lied and said there were no e-mails on Benghazi.”

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Clinton has been on a huge promotion tour to shill her new book, “What Happened,” where she blames everyone but herself for losing an election she should have easily won.

Not only did Hillary have a staggering $1 billion campaign budget, but she had the media, the Democratic Party, many Republicans, Wall Street, billionaire mega-donors, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood on her side. And still, she lost.

Judge Jeanine said a more appropriate title for Hillary book is “Living In Denial and In Need of a Lobotomy.”  Pirro then tore into Clinton for using her government job as secretary of state to pocket more than $200 million:

You out and out lied [when you claimed] that there was no classified information on your email server. And you did it for convenience, when we all know you set up a private non-secure server so you and your girlfriends Huma [Abedin] and Cheryl [Mills] — allegedly doing state department work — could raise money for the organized criminal end prize known as the Clinton Foundation, which was nothing more than a campaign slush fund allowing you to take money from foreign governments and live a life to which government employees are unaccustomed.

Judge Jeanine then called on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch a new federal investigation into Clinton’s pay-for-play scheme, saying she shouldn’t get away from her crimes because she lost the election.

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“Hillary should not get a free pass because she lost an election,” Pirro said. “It’s time to stop this psychopath from continuing her nonstop stream of lies and criminal activity.”

Samantha Chang


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