Employee complains singer Jason Aldean ordered $500 worth of burritos and didn’t tip; here’s why he got fired for it

An employee at a burrito hotspot in West Virginia has been fired after he took to social media to complain about a tip left by county music star Jason Aldean.

The incident took place earlier this month after Aldean’s crew ordered 60 burritos and a quesadilla from Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in Huntington after a performance, Fox News reported.

The bill totaled around $500, with an employee complaining in a pair of tweets about the tip left.

The burrito-maker got personal in his criticism, even bringing a racial component into the “controversy.”

The tweets, since deleted, can be seen below, courtesy of TMZ:

TMZ tweet photo

A Black Sheep manager told TMZ that Aldean did not complain to them about the tweets, saying another worker brought it to management’s attention.

The manager also said the complaining employee was fired for violating a company policy against tweeting about customers.

A rep for Aldean insisted the group left an “appropriate” tip for the take out order.

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