‘Super-sciency’ Alyssa Milano gets ridiculed for her take on hacked voting machines

Alyssa Milano must have stayed up all night reading Hillary Clinton’s new memoir.

Nearing the one-year anniversary of the election night that Clinton lost, the failed Democratic candidate and her liberal fan club continue to look for reasons why. And in Milano’s case, now is as good a time as any to rehash the theory that voting machines were hacked.

She “made a moment,” alright.

According to a report published even before Election Day 2016, even CNN believed that hacking never happened.

“But election officials and cyber experts say it’s virtually impossible for Moscow or some other outside group to influence the election outcome,” CNN’s Tal Kopan wrote in the story titled simply, “No, the presidential election can’t be hacked.”

“Hackers could create mischief — some say ‘chaos’ — but the election system is resilient enough to withstand shocks,” the article continued. “The key concern, experts feel, is public perception: Sowing distrust is easily achieved even without successful hacks.”

Of course, it is interesting to note that Clinton won in New York, a state which uses voting machines, while losing other states that use paper ballots.

Perhaps someone could ask Milano about her position on Voter ID’s?

Milano’s “moment” gave Twitter plenty to laugh at.

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Frieda Powers


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