Al Sharpton threatens the ‘wrath’ of his posse if ESPN fires Jemele Hill

Al Sharpton took the defense of ESPN’s Jemele Hill to a new level, threatening the “wrath” of the civil rights community if the network fires her for her controversial comments about President Trump.

“What many of us in the civil rights community are saying,” Sharpton told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace on Friday, “is that  if ESPN does this, they’re going to face the wrath of a lot us.”

Sharpton defended Hill’s defamatory remarks, calling President Trump a “white supremacist” who “surrounds himself with other white supremacists,” as free speech and said she had the right to express herself.

“The reason we’re saying it from a civil rights point of view is you’re robbing a person of their right to express their views,” he said, blasting criticism from Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Sanders called on ESPN to take action after Hill’s defamatory tweet, calling it a “fireable offense.” But the network only called her insults “inappropriate,” refusing to apologize or to take further action. Hill, meanwhile, took to Twitter again to defend her racist jab.

President Trump himself stepped in on Friday, calling on ESPN to “apologize for untruth!”

ESPN continues to ignore viewers’ demands that they stop pushing the left-wing propaganda and just deliver the sports, as many well-known African-Americans even condemned Hill’s insults as defamatory – a serious charge that could lead to termination of employment as well as legal action.

Besides threatening a civil rights uproar, Sharpton also said he would lead a boycott against ESPN if they actually fired Hill.

He told TMZ Sports that Sanders “should read the Constitution,” and Hill should not have to worry about the government calling for her job since she has the right to express her political views.

“Let’s not forget, ESPN is regulated by the FCC. The FCC commissioners are appointed by the White House so it’s a whole different level of intimidation on media outlets when you have the press secretary [calling for a reporter’s job],” he said.

He offered Hill a personal message:

“Stand strong. If they take you out, many of us in the civil rights community will stand up for you and take ESPN off our service.”

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