Joy Reid snaps off when woman calls her ‘dear,’ totally forgets those times she did it

It’s fun watching two people from the left tear into each other. Especially when one proves to be an unmitigated hypocrite.

MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid went off the rails after far left author Elizabeth Hamilton Argyropoulos referred to her as “dear” in a tweet on Saturday in which she argued that the media “Kisses (Hillary) Clinton’s ass.”

But what Reid forgot was that when the two previously argued, in August, over the use of the term alt-left, which Reid uses to describe Bernie Sanders supporters, she used the word “dear” against Argyropoulos.

And it isn’t the first time she did it.

It seems that “dear” is a dismissive shot Reid frequently takes against females she disagrees with, like Theresa May and Louise Mensch.

For Reid to refer to anyone as far left is laughable.

This is a woman who told the Democrat Party to ditch white people. Who tweeted lies about President Donald Trump’s disaster relief team, and then left the tweets when she was proven incorrect, and who, this week, celebrated a man for disrespecting a police officer and sharing the video on the Internet.

Perhaps Reid needs to look in a mirror before she accuses anyone of being anything.

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Carmine Sabia


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