‘The Five’ honors Eric Bolling’s son in loving tribute: ‘We are truly heartbroken’

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Eric Bolling’s colleagues on ‘The Five’ paid tribute to his late son, Eric Chase Bolling, who died at age 19. (Image: Twitter)

Eric Bolling’s former Fox News co-hosts on “The Five” paid an emotional tribute to their friend’s son, Eric Chase Bolling, who died tragically at age 19.

“You, of course, know Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne and their beautiful son, Eric Chase. He passed away Friday in Colorado, where he was attending college,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said. “Eric Chase brought so much love and joy to his parents’ lives.”

She continued: “If you’ve watched our show over the years, you’ve probably heard Eric Bolling proudly talk about his sweet son. He was a baseball player like his dad, who played left field. He was an amazing young man. He did so much to help others, and he was an A-student who excelled in mathematics.”

Guilfoyle said everyone at Fox News grieves with the Bollings: “We are truly heartbroken and we want to extend our deepest condolences to the Bolling family. Eric Chase, may he rest in eternal peace.”

The cause of death is still being investigated, and an autopsy will be performed next week. Early reports claimed the teen had committed suicide after being distraught over the shocking firing of his dad. Eric Jr. was reportedly very close to Bolling, who was known for being a loving and devoted dad.

In a tweet, Bolling said early signs suggest his son did not commit suicide, but an autopsy is underway. Eric Chase’s body was found in his bed at his Colorado apartment but there was no suicide note, according to multiple press reports.

“We are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received,” Bolling tweeted. “Adrienne and I thank you all and ask that you please keep us in your prayers.”

Rest in peace, Eric Chase Bolling (1998-2017).


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