NYC mayoral candidate says Bill de Blasio lacks ‘the heart and soul of an Italian’

New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio should change his name back to Warren Wilhelm because he lacks the “heart and soul of an Italian.”

That’s what GOP mayoral candidate, Nicole Malliotakis, said in response to de Blasio’s suggestion that he may tear down the city’s iconic statue of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

nyc mayor bill de Blasio Nicole Malliotakis christopher columbus statue
NYC, it’s time to drop this zero (Bill de Blasio) and back a hero: Nicole Malliotakis. (Photos: BPR screengrabs)

“I really think Bill de Blasio should go back to using his birth name of Warren Wilhelm, because he obviously doesn’t have the heart and soul of an Italian,” said Malliotakis, who’s half-Cuban and half-Greek.

De Blasio — who is half-Italian and half-German — changed his name at age 22, saying he wanted to embrace his Italian heritage. De Blasio is his mom’s maiden name. His dad, Warren Wilhelm Sr., divorced his mom when Bill was seven years old.

Nicole Malliotakis mocked Mayor de Blasio after he appointed a commission to recommend that “racist” monuments be removed from New York City, the NY Post reported. Among those under consideration for removal include the landmark Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus Circle.

Italian-Americans are furious that de Blasio refuses to exempt the statue and vowed retribution if anything happens to it. Comedian Joe Piscopo said de Blasio is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he’ll get away with that baloney.

“That statue at Columbus Circle in New York, it ain’t coming down,” Piscopo told Tucker Carlson. “We [Italian-Americans] are not going down, and neither is that statue … If you have time to tear down a statue, you have too much time on your hands.”

De Blasio should listen up. He’s up for re-election on November 7. New York City has the largest population of Italian-Americans in the United States. And they vote.

As it is, Bill de Blasio’s mayorship is widely viewed as one of the least successful in modern times. In July, he was slammed after kicking homeless people out of the subway because he wanted to stage a “clean” PR photo-op.

When de Blasio was voted into office in 2013, he promised to champion the poor, but his mayorship has been a disaster on every level.

New Yorkers say the streets are dirtier, crime has spiked, infrastructure has crumbled, the subways are filthier and more crowded, and homeless has soared to record highs under de Blasio.

Indeed, homelessness in New York — one of the richest cities in the world and home to a record 79 billionaires —  is at its highest point since the Great Depression.

Here’s a small sampling of the millions of Americans who think de Blasio has to go.

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