Fans react strongly to Fox News ditching Eric Bolling over sexting claim and the fate of Charles Payne

Genesis 40 tells the story of two men, a butcher and a baker, who had both been imprisoned for offending the Egyptian Pharaoh. They both came to fellow prisoner Joseph to have their dreams interpreted and, to make a long story short, one ended up back at his job and the other, well, met a whole other fate entirely.

Enter popular Fox News (and Fox Business) hosts Eric Bolling and Charles Payne, both suspended from their jobs for various allegations of sexual misconduct. We’re not sure whether or not the two had dreams they couldn’t interpret without a Joseph around, but they only needed to wait until Friday to find out their fates.

Thankfully, Eric Bolling isn’t headed to a literal chopping block, but his career at Fox News has come to an “amicable” end after allegations, which he has denied, of sending lewd, unsolicited, pictures of his genitalia to several women.

Further, Fox News has cancelled The Specialists, the new afternoon talk show Bolling had co-hosted along with Kat Timpf and Eboni Williams.

“Eric Bolling and Fox have agreed to part ways amicably. We thank Eric for his ten years of service to our loyal viewers and wish him the best of luck,” Fox News said in a statement.

Williams and Timpf will stay on board as Fox News contributors, and “the channel’s 5 pm hour will become a news based program for the time being with rotating anchors.”

Fox Business host Charles Payne, on the other hand, will return to the network as host of his own show entitled “Making Money With Charles Payne.”

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“As many of you know, I’ve been on leave for the past couple months,” Payne said as he opened his first show on Friday. “The situation has been reviewed and concluded. I look forward to resuming my role of helping you, our viewers, empower yourselves through investing while weaving through all the elements and news developments that impact our financial lives.”

Payne had also vehemently denied the allegations against him.

Plenty of Twitter users weren’t happy with Bolling’s fate:

But happy about Charles Payne:

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Congratulations Charles, and here’s to hoping Bolling lands on his feet and gets back in the fight as soon as possible. His voice will be sorely missed!

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