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Strike! Colorado Rockies slam Keith Olbermann for making fool of himself with clueless game observation

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Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore are competing to see whose case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is more pathological. (Image: Twitter)

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Years from now, fired MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann will be documented in a science journal as an early case of Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown.

Olbermann’s anti-Trump animus has rotted his brain so much that he forgot people actually eat during baseball games.

The former sports commentator was hilariously smacked down by the Colorado Rockies baseball team after he expressed shock that first baseman Mark Reynolds ate sunflowers seeds on the field. Ohmygawd, stop the presses!

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“I’m seeing this, right?” Keith tweeted. “An MLB player, Mark Reynolds of the Rockies, eating, during an inning while playing 1B.”

The Colorado Rockies Twitter account immediately shot back: “Have you watched baseball ever?”

This bizarre display of comical ignorance might explain why Olbermann was fired by ESPN. Twice. Meanwhile, Twitter users chimed in with some epic smackdowns of the clueless liberal pundit.

Keith Olbermann’s career has been in freefall ever since he was dropped by MSNBC in 2011 amid rampant reports that he was impossible to work with. Olbermann’s unhinged liberal rants were apparently too much for even leftist MSNBC to tolerate.

Since President Donald Trump got elected, Olbermann has spent almost all his time bloviating against the billionaire mogul and his administration. Like most liberals, Olbermann is pathologically obsessed with Trump and can’t stop talking about him.

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In an obvious case of psychological projection, Olbermann recently wrote a book called “Trump Is F*cking Crazy (This is not a joke).” The book comes out October 7.

Keith, get help.




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