Looks like shady of out-of-state voting could have cost Trump New Hampshire, and GOP a senate seat

If you believe that illegal votes are so minimal that they cannot do any real damage, New Hampshire is proving your theory incorrect.

Kelly Ayotte Wikimedia commons
Kelly Ayotte also narrowly lost her run for senate. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

More than 6,500 people registered to vote on Election Day in the Granite State using out-of-state drivers licenses, and the vast majority have not registered a motor vehicle or gotten an in-state license since, the Washington Times reported.

The numbers were announced on Thursday by Republican New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper.

Of the 6,540 people who voted with out-of-state licenses, only 1,014 have received in state licenses and around 200 have registered a motor vehicle in the state, according to the numbers Jasper obtained from the Department of State and the Department of safety.

The law allows new residents 60 days to obtain a driver’s license after obtaining residence in the state.

Many in the GOP have claimed, since the election, that Democrat voters from Massachusetts came to New Hampshire to cast ballots and swing the state.

Hillary Clinton only defeated President Donald Trump in New Hampshire by 2,736 votes and Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte was defeated by Democrat Maggie Hassan by 1,017 votes.

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“We’ve known for months that more voters cast ballots without any proof of actually living in New Hampshire than the differentials for either federal contest there in 2016,” Public Interest Legal Foundation spokesman Logan Churchwell told the Times. “Now it looks like they were back in Boston in time to watch the election returns that evening. The left-wing groups suing to block new proof-of-residence laws for same-day voter registration are really proving what drives them to the courthouse.”

The Department of State and Department of Safety, in a joint letter, presented several possible reasons for the numbers, and illegal voting was not among them.

“It is likely that some unknown number of these individuals moved out of New Hampshire, it is possible that a few may have never driven in New Hampshire or have ceased driving, however, it is expected that an unknown number of the remainder continue to live and drive in New Hampshire. If they have established their residence in New Hampshire, they may have failed to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license.”

Thus far 196 people are being investigated for voting in New Hampshire and another state.

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