FBI director drops truth grenade on supposed WH ‘interference’ with Russia probe

Anyone looking for evidence that President Trump or the White House is trying to obstruct the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion with Russia certainly won’t be getting it from the new FBI director.

Because there is none.

And when this investigation is complete, odds are there still won’t be evidence of obstruction or collusion, but we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

During a panel discussion at a Washington DC conference on Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said, “I can say very confidently that I have not detected any whiff of interference with that investigation.”

“I have enormous respect for former Director Mueller, who I got to work with almost daily in the early 2000s, as a consummate professional,” added Wray, according to Politico. “He’s really running that investigation.”

Interestingly, Wrap isn’t concerned about Mueller or his staff’s impartiality, even though most are Democratic donors.

“There’s a great group of people working on it, and I have confidence in them to be able to do their job,” said Wray.

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Wray also mentioned another priority task for the FBI, one that President Trump would definitely put on the front burner – discovering White House leakers.

“This is a topic that’s a very high priority for us. It’s something we take very seriously,” said Wray. “More often than not the leaks are not coming from somebody who’s in the inside circle of knowledge in the first instance….There’s an enormous amount of attention focused on this issue. I think a lot of people are taking it very seriously.”

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