Crazy! The theory that Trump created Hurricane Irma to eliminate Hispanics has been shared how many times?

A young woman on Facebook depressed many people about the future this week when she blamed the approach of Hurricane Irma on President Donald Trump.

The woman, named Breanna Danielle, believes the president engineered the hurricane to injure Hispanics.

“Did y’all realize 70% of Miami is Latino, Hispanic, or Cuban?? 44% of the Haitian population in the US resides in Miami,” she wrote to her followers. “Miami is like Houston in which it is FLOURISHING economically. Coincidence? Trump wants them off our land so what better way than to flood them out. Read between the lines people.”

The insanity of the suggestion that the president, or people in the government, had engineered a hurricane to target specific people had many on social media destroying the woman.

People were stunned that it had more than 62,000 shares. But they figured it was shared to highlight the ridiculousness of the idea.

Others took to mockery.

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Carmine Sabia


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