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Co-author of 2012’s ‘GOP autopsy’ goes off on leaders for ignoring her advice

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Political class Republicans are clutching their pearls as President Donald Trump is expected to announce Tuesday the end of the Obama-era DACA program which allows illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to legally remain in the country.

A decision that follows up on a campaign promise to end President Barack Obama’s “illegal” executive amnesty that “defied federal law and the Constitution.”

Fearful of the impact the announcement may have on next year’s mid-term elections, moderates in the GOP eager to pander to Hispanic voters are not so keen on returning to the rule of law.

A decision they interpret as not welcoming Hispanics, according to RNC’s “GOP autopsy” following the 2012 election.

“If Hispanic Americans hear that the GOP doesn’t want them in the United States, they won’t pay attention to our next sentence,” the report said. “It doesn’t matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies. In essence, Hispanic voters tell us our Party’s position on immigration has become a litmus test, measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door.”

Never mind that Trump eschewed this embrace of illegal immigration and won the presidency in 2016.

One of the co-authors of the autopsy, Sally Bradshaw, who left the Republican Party after Trump’s election, says party leaders who have “enabled” the president “deserve the reckoning that will eventually come for the GOP.”

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No sour grapes there from Bradshaw, a top adviser to Jeb Bush, who was expected to waltz into the 2016 Republican presidential nomination — until Trump said otherwise.

Bradshaw shared her thoughts on Trump’s leadership with Buzzfeed News.

“Donald Trump is anti-woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-black, anti-anything that would bring the country together,” she wrote. “The only thing he is for is himself. Those in Republican leadership who have enabled his behavior by standing silent or making excuses for him deserve the reckoning that will eventually come for the GOP.”

Bradshaw said she was “terrifically sad” for the party and the country “that we can no longer have a credible and important debate about issues that will lead to problem solving.”

A remark that looks past reports that Trump will delay enforcement for six months to give Congress a window to act on those affected by the end of DACA, which some say will lead to political “suicide.”

But then, Bradshaw was distracted with getting her hate on.

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“I am a conservative,” she proclaimed. “But I can’t and won’t be a Republican as long as Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party.”

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