Trump is The Great Discombobulator

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You know what’s amusing? To see how many people get their knickers in a knot over unimportant stuff President Trump says, and over the proliferate personnel changes in the White House. But what really counts is not so much what Trump says but what he does, and his policies. What the mainstream media prefers to call “chaos in the White House” is not unique to Trump. Obama changed his chief of staff four times in a relatively short period, but you never read that the MSM gave their favorite president any grief. Presidents Reagan and Clinton each went through four chiefs of staff during their terms. Effective CEOs hire and fire fearlessly until they get the team they need.

What the MSM calls chaos is not a big deal unless the country is facing an immediate threatening crisis. And we’re not. There are always countries around the world rattling their sabers and making threats against the U.S. So, what’s new? Trump’s undisciplined tweeting is an acceptable price to pay to scuttle other politicians and their minions who deep-six what many of us believe America is all about. If Trump can unwind the damage done by progressives and their leaders since 2008, I don’t care what he says.

While the liberals in the media grow red-faced and disoriented trying to keep up with Trump’s re-write of the rules of politics, the President is delighting his followers, who have never seen a politician like this. Trump has awakened middle America and working America to the fact that press people have always been leftist activists. Trump is regularly telling over 86.7 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat that The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN use made-up fake news, sometimes from “anonymous” sources. He has exposed them and is revealing their dishonesty like no other elected official has dared to do, other than the occasional attack. The MSM now has trouble hiding who they really are.

Trump has taught people that the media can be remedied. The press is assailable, capable of being defeated, even as they cloak themselves and try to convince the world they are unbiased and fair. Trump has taught other politicians that they don’t have to just sit there and tolerate media abuse and character assassination. They can shoot back.

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The President’s social messages and tweets have thrown the MSM off-stride, confused and discombobulated them, but also filled them with rage so vitriolic that the media will say anything, do anything to crush any effort Trump tries to make– with no regard for whether it’s good for the country. This includes media criticism of Trump for “failures” to enact legislation, even as the MSM is spending 24/7 trying to block everything he seeks to enact! Well, Trump is not on a clock or a timer; if the MSM has expectations, so what? The President is not required to operate on their schedule or satisfy their agenda.

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The MSM wouldn’t be wallowing in their problems if they would actually report news objectively instead of writing opinion journalism and calling it objective reporting. BizPac Review, for example, presents news from the conservative point of view,  yet we admit it and great effort is taken to keep our news reports factual.

Trump is rough-hewn, impulsive, and does things in fits and starts. But yours truly trusts the President’s pro-business instincts more than any other major national politician. Alternatives are the name of the game in politics, and the Hillary alternative was a dead-end non-starter. Anything Trump does will be better, and if he does nothing the country will still be better off. The real peril in the Trump presidency is not that he will be too strong, but he will be too weak. Not personally weak, but the danger is that a whole slew of enemies acting in concert will cripple the President, and weakening this presidency harms the country.

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But in the end, one of Trump’s virtues is leftists find him obnoxious. What an endearing quality. Anytime you can cause radical liberals to become unhinged, you know it was the right decision!

John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company. He is a frequent columnist for BizPac Review.
John R. Smith


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