So-called Rev. Jesse Jackson shuts the gates of Heaven to Trump on behalf of Jesus Christ

Heaven help us if Jesse Jackson is the moral authority on who makes it to God’s kingdom.

Given Jackson’s history of race-baiting and shake downs, it’s easy to forget that he is a Baptist minister and while speaking at the Ministers March for Justice last week in Washington, the so-called reverend said President Donald Trump does not qualify for heaven.

That this event was led by another charlatan, Rev. Al Sharpton, speaks volumes.

“Trump says you must be able to speak the language of English, qualified, and have a job skill,” Rev. Jackson said. “Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country, he would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

Jackson cherry-picked a Bible passage liberals often use to support the welfare state they foster, reading from the Gospel of Matthew: “I was hungry, you fed me; naked, you clothed me; captured, you set me free.”

Of course, with an estimated net worth of $10 million, it’s fair to ask how many does Jackson feed and clothe.

And how did he acquire such good fortune?

Leave it to CNN to politicize a perfectly ‘beautiful’ letter from Obama to Trump

In his tell-all book, “Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson,” author Kenneth R. Timmerman shares how the alleged civil rights activist “turned racial grievances into a breathtaking money machine.”

Timmerman uncovers “a sordid tale of greed, ambition, and corruption from a self-proclaimed minister who has no qualms about poisoning American race relations for personal gain,” as the book description explains.

Yet, Jackson now stands in judgement of another man’s character? And as a reverend, isn’t it his job to lead the least of his brothers to the promised land, not shut the gates of Heaven?

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Tom Tillison


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