NY Times reports John Kelly is fed-up, in 35 years nobody has spoken to him like Trump … 3 leakers said so

You have to give the mainstream media credit, no matter how many times they’re exposed for reporting fake news, they persist.

The New York Times, doing its part to contribute to an ongoing media effort to take out President Donald Trump, seems to be reporting rumors again.

According to an article published on Friday, new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly told aides no one has ever spoken to him like Trump did during a recent fight.

…and if it happens again, he’s out.

Kelly’s confessional allegedly came after an “ornery” Trump responded to staffers “gently suggested [Trump] refrain from injecting politics into day-to-day issues of governing after last month’s raucous rally in Arizona,” according to The Times.

Citing three anonymous sources, the newspaper said Kelly was calm, but “later told other White House staff members that he had never been spoken to like that during 35 years of serving his country.”

And while The Times is never short on unnamed sources, you have to wonder just who in the hell is leaking such information and why they’re not caught.

With Kelly’s disciplined military background, it’s unlikely he’s spouting off his inner-most feelings to just anyone, which means only a handful of people would be privy to such information.

If true.

But thankfully for The Times, the newspaper is not saddled with the burden of proof when reporting what amounts to little more than second-hand gossip.

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Tom Tillison


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