While the waters rage, Politico deletes vile cartoon tweet mocking victims of Houston flood

“They really, really hate you.”

Los Angeles nixes Columbus Day from calendar, but city employees will still get a paid holiday

Apparently, Columbus Day wasn’t ALL bad for liberal city officials.

Marine veteran sets sights on Guinness World Record – you’re gonna want to cheer him on!

“My wife knows it’s only temporary … “

Parents sue NY public school for creating ‘hostile environment’ for son who wears dresses

Amber Randall, DCNF The parents of a boy who wears dresses filed a lawsuit against his New York school, alleging it created a hostile environment for their […]

Hurricane Harvey shuts down the largest oil refinery in the US

Motiva said restarting the refinery would depend on flood waters receding.

muslim sharia advocate linda sarsour declares jihad against trump
Muslim activist Linda Sarsour caught soliciting funds to left-wing PAC by disguising it as hurricane relief

Did Sarsour see the error of her ways, now that she might be facing criminal charges?

Black and Latino students refuse to share one building with separate wings; guess what the university does?

It would “disregard the needs and concerns of students of color within a predominantly white institution.”

Liberal website replaces tweet ‘Houston doesn’t showcase America at its best’ after backlash

“Coming soon from Slate: We never saw another Trump term coming”

‘Lies!’ Irate Chris Christie loses his lunch over Ted Cruz’s claim ‘Sandy’ bill was loaded with pork

On Monday Cruz told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the Sandy bill was “a $50 billion bill filled with pork and unrelated spending that wasn’t hurricane relief.”

NBC execs reportedly in a ‘total panic’ about Megyn Kelly’s ability to connect with daytime viewers

Women could make or break her.

Fox News Channel signs Tomi Lahren

She will make her debut tonight.

The New York Times misquoted Trump’s Charlottesville remarks in five different reports

… admitting in each report to misquoting what the president said in the aftermath of the violence.