SG Billy Baldwin2
Billy Baldwin in for some surprises after singling out blonde conservative pundits as ‘yard sale Barbies’

“Buy all 4 and we’ll throw in a bonus…Tomi Lahren!!”

College Greek retreat cancelled after ‘frightened’ students spot a BANANA PEEL in a tree

“Although unintentional, there is no excuse for the pain that was caused to members of our community.”

paul ryan antifa
Antifa backlash? Four Republican congressional candidates find any excuse not to back Paul Ryan

“I would prefer someone else.”

Dem sponsored investigation into Trump’s interior secretary fizzles out on lack of evidence

You can almost hear the “sad trombone” playing in the background.

SG Trump Motorcade
Cops say mystery solved behind car that barreled through woods straight at Trump’s motorcade

“That car right there just drove out of the woods!”

‘We need more real men out here!’ This armed Texan has no tolerance for looters

“They are not playing out here.”

Report: Mueller’s been working with anti-Trump state AG on Russia probe for weeks

Schneiderman is a vociferous Trump critic.

Flood survivor blows a hole straight through Women’s March divisive call to help ‘communities of color’

What about ALL communities?

Bret Baier blasts Dems for Antifa silence: Sounds a lot like ‘both sides’ to me

“It’s just interesting that it’s Wednesday and we’re getting this statement today.”

Anarchists’ pleas with Antifa fall on deaf ears: Guys, assaulting disabled vets is a REALLY bad look

“We need to be able to confront the toxic elements in our own groups if…”

Come again? Twitter hilarity ensues when Chuck Todd appears to call female colleague ‘hon’

Don’t even think about it Chuck.

Feds quickly release Trump lawyer’s emails to liberal group, bury Dem records for years

“A reasonable person could certainly be led to believe that the agency is responding to FOIA requests selectively.”