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Flood survivor blows a hole straight through Women’s March divisive call to help ‘communities of color’

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Whoever runs the Women’s March Twitter account just keeps stepping in it.

It’s one thing to encourage donations for Hurricane Harvey victims, but it’s quite another to divide victims by race or ethnic group, seeming to prefer some over others.

And by ‘others,’ they mean white people.

“Here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey,” Women’s March tweeted. They go on to tell folks how they can donate aid to “communities of color.”

The Women’s March tweet flies in the face of what Americans have witnessed in Houston – neighbors helping neighbors, all of the human race.

Meanwhile, hurricane survivor Sarah Reynolds proved just that when she told Fox News about her experience.  “The community came together, no race, not color, no prejudices… just willing to help,” she said.

And while Reynolds’ on-site experience is what should be touted throughout the nation, folks on Twitter weren’t going to let the Women’s March get away with their divisive, political stunt:

ABC reporter snitches on hungry ‘looters’ to police and hell-fire of humane Americans comes down on him

Meanwhile, the Women’s March could use a hard lesson from this Houston survivor who talked about the REAL America:

Black and Latino students refuse to share one building with separate wings; guess what the university does?

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