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Come again? Twitter hilarity ensues when Chuck Todd appears to call female colleague ‘hon’

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Apparently, Chuck Todd has been watching way too much Mad Men.

And it’s landed him in a little bit of hot water with a few Social Justice Warriors on Twitter…

On Wednesday, when MSNBC host Kasie Hunt segued from her slot filling in for Nicolle Wallace’s “Deadline: White House” to Todd’s afternoon program, she said, “‘Meet the Press’ daily starts now. Hi, Chuck.”

To which Todd at least seemed to some to respond, “Hey, Kasie. Nice work, hon. Good stuff.”

As in “honey.”

That’s old school, Chuck. Not sure this is the guy you want to please, but yeah, Don Draper would be proud.

calm down – we’re KIDDING!

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Or would he?

Because Kasie’s last name IS Hunt, which does give Todd plausible deniability.

While a few Twitterers weren’t happy with Todd, with CrankyCatty pointing out the odd look on Hunt’s face…


…most seemed willing to give him the benefit of the doubt:

Finally, even Kasie Hunt herself weighed in in Todd’s favor:

OK OK, we’ll put the pitchforks down, at least for now. But we’re watching you Chuck Todd!

And for the record, we can’t end this post without saying that ANY remotely conservative commentator would have been publicly tarred and feathered for this, plausible deniability or not.

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