Planned Parenthood dating question backfires big time

DCNFGrace Carr, DCNF

Planned Parenthood’s social media manager tweeted out a question to followers Tuesday night asking about their dating deal breakers, and the responses were nothing short of unexpected and amazing.

Molly Hemingway – senior editor of the Federalist and Fox News contributor – immediately filled the blank in for the abortion organization with “kill babies.” Other twitter users wrote “butcher innocent lives in the womb,” “sell the body parts and organs of the unborn,” and “be stupid enough to think that abortion is healthcare.” Planned Parenthood likely didn’t foresee the responses.

Others tweeted, “Violently end the lives of unborn babies and call it choice,” and “Be a cheerleader for infanticide.”

A host of memes ensued after Planned Parenthood’s tweet as well.

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