ABC reporter snitches on hungry ‘looters’ to police and hell-fire of humane Americans comes down on him

An ABC reporter on the scene in Houston, covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, was ravaged by social media after he reported looters to police.

ABC’s Tom Llamas tweeted that he witnessed looting at a supermarket near where a body was found by police.

“#Breaking We’re witnessing looting right now at a large supermarket in the NE part of Houston & police have just discovered a body nearby,” he tweeted.

ABC 13 happily reported the story.

People were angry that Llamas mentioned the looting before he mentioned the victim.

In another, deleted, tweet Llamas explained that he was with police when he reported the looting.

He shared that tweet as he explained what happened.

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But that did nothing to subdue the anger of many on social media.

Many bashed the reporter as racist and a Cuban white supremacist, although he never mentioned the race of the looters.

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Carmine Sabia


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