Melania mockery explodes when she leaves for flood in sexy black stilettos but watch her get the last laugh

First lady Melania Trump set tongues a’wagging on Tuesday as she joined President Donald Trump on a trip to tour the flood ravaged Houston area.

That the Trumps were heading into a disaster area made the first lady’s choice of foot wear stand out, even to the casual observer.

Wearing a pair of SKY HIGH black stilettos, Mrs. Trump sent the internet into a frenzy — but was it all a set up?

Of course, it didn’t seem to occur to the ninnies that she might change on the flight to Texas… which she did, of course.

Not only that, she disembarked rocking a black and pink “FLOTUS” hat that looked spectacular:

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The head wear was quick to gain almost as much attention as the earlier heels.

‘Ovaries across America just exploded’: Houston SWAT officer carries woman and baby, then rescues the puppies!

And, yes, her choice of foot wear — sneakers — was more appropriate for the conditions.

As for the reaction to the stilettos, here’s a sampling of responses from those who’d soon have egg on their face — also known as Tuesday in the Trump presidency.

…which included Los Angeles Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff:

Trump-haters gleefully share photo of Obama helping hurricane victims in Texas, until they realize …

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