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Trump to lift Obama’s ban on sale of military equipment to police … as Antifa overruns American streets

Obama characterized the police as an “occupying force.”

Fmr Hillary staffer freaks out when boat with Confederate flag rescues black flood victims

Logan Anderson, a former Hillary Clinton staffer, got so triggered by a rescue boat with a Confederate flag that she had a Twitter meltdown. Did we mention […]

Scenes from Houston: Neighbor rescues neighbor – and pets – in one dramatic act after another

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey linger over the coast of Texas and Louisiana as the city of Houston and surrounding areas have been hit with life-threatening flooding. […]

Unfunded mandates in Florida: Separating truth from fiction

In the last 35 years, huge increases in federal mandates were imposed on state governments to maintain federal “social policy controls” and reduce federal spending.

The story behind the horrifying photo that helped rescue elderly at nursing home almost under water

You’ve probably seen the horrifying viral photo, and maybe even shared it.

VMA awards cheap gimmick using Heather Heyer’s mom and a ‘special guest’ is insulting

According to an old adage, whatever you focus on expands. So the pinheads at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards gleefully spotlighted racist groups like white supremacists […]

DC council member wants police to investigate pro-Trump flyers

Ward 5 also dealt with a series of flyers last June that told “white Americans” to report illegal aliens because they are criminals.

Incredible before and after image shows the extent of the flooding in Houston

The storm has killed at least five people in Texas and authorities expect that number to rise.

Masked Antifa violently attack crowd at Berkley – man mercilessly beaten as pro-Trump black female intervenes

At the end, he appears to have been saved by a black female Trump supporter who was also, apparently, a Nazi by current Antifa standards.

‘Ovaries across America just exploded’: Houston SWAT officer carries woman and baby, then rescues the puppies!

“An actual white knight.”

Scott Baio asks if it’s time to destroy the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library

Too drastic?