Internet freaks out over news 90’s angst anthem ‘Torn’ is just a cover; James Woods offers helpful perspective

If you are a child of the 90s you better take a seat for this.

The anthem on which you built all of your teen angst, the tune you played as you drove to Blockbuster to rent “Can’t Hardly Wait,” is a fraud.

Ok, not a fraud, but the Natalie Imbruglia hit “Torn” is a cover.

In fact, it is a cover of a cover.

The news set social media on fire after a Twitter user, @VilinskiKonjic, tweeted about it last week.

“Every ’90s kid’ comes of age 3 times: 18th birthday, 21st birthday, the day they find out natalie imbruglia’s version of torn is a cover,” they tweeted.

The tune was written in 1993 by Scott Cutler, Anne Preven and Phil Thornalley was released by a Danish performer, Lis Sørensen, who renamed it “Brændt,” the Danish word for “burned,” Yahoo News reported.

Two years after that it was redone by Cutler and Preven’s band Ednaswap as “Torn.”

The Ednaswap version has more of a hard rock edge but the Sørensen recording sounds like Imbruglia’s hit, but with Danish words.

We’ve included all three versions.

But before that, take a peek at how social media responded to the news, starting with the Conservative King of Twitter and all around badass, James Woods.



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