Taylor Swift’s new single sparks demands that she disavow Trump or fans should not ‘trust her’

To her eternal credit, pop superstar Taylor Swift has so far declined to step into the political arena and do what virtually all her musical counterparts have done – join the #Resistance against President Trump.

Last year, Swift tweeted a picture of herself voting, but noticeably failed to mention who she was voting for.

Which prompted The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon to pen an entire article castigating Swift for her supposedly tacit approval of then-candidate Trump.

Because all the cool pop stars support Hilly!

“Well, look who finally acknowledged that there’s an election,” Fallon wrote. “Yep, Beyoncé gave her #ImWithHer speech. Madonna performed her last-minute Hillary concert in New York’s Washington Square Park. J. Lo brought Clinton onstage at a concert. Lady Gaga donned the Michael Jackson jacket to make her final pleas, the Boss rocked his rallies, and Katy Perry basically hasn’t stopped singing. All of the music industry’s biggest stars have spent the last week in a veritable musical blitz for Hillary Clinton. But all anyone wants to know is who Taylor Swift voted for.”

Trump supporter or no, maybe Swift just didn’t want to alienate half the country by choosing sides in a highly divisive contest.

And now that Swift is back in the musical spotlight thanks to the release of a brand-new single, the Beast is at it again, this time with writer Amy Zimmerman wondering why, oh why Swift hasn’t spoken out against Trump.

Which naturally prompted plenty of Twitter reaction:

And finally, a comment that puts all this celebrity-political stuff into context. If only the rest of them would take a cue from Swift!


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