Fired commentator suing the pants off ESPN: They killed me and my career over false racial slur

Doug Adler said the liberal sports network ESPN “killed me” over a misunderstood comment taken as a racial slur.

Adler was fired by ESPN after describing tennis player Venus Williams’ strategy as “the guerrilla effect” during the Australian Open, meaning an aggressive, charging style of play, according to Fox News.

But in today’s hypersensitive post-Obama era, many misinterpreted his remark as “gorilla,” suggesting he was directing a racial slur at the black tennis player.

That the 59-year-old white male was talking about one of the Williams sisters, who are revered on the left, only added to his demise.

And even though the former commentator insisted that he was innocent, ESPN fired him.

Adler, who has filed a wrongful termination suit against the network, appeared on NBC’s “Today” Friday to discuss his ordeal.

“They didn’t have good cause and I didn’t do anything wrong,” he told host Matt Lauer.

“They killed me, they made me unemployable,” Adler declared. “They ended my career, they killed my reputation, my good name. What else was I supposed to do?”

The former professional tennis player insisted that he has “never been a racist.”

“I’ve never looked at color, have never even thought of that term until this whole situation,” Adler said.

More on the interview with “Today” below:

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