WH reporter mercilessly mocked for sharing ‘heartbreaking’ anti-Trump tale that sounds too contrived to be true

A White House reporter became the target of ridicule after he claimed he was asked a question about President Trump.

Brian Karem,  Executive Editor for The Sentinel Newspapers and the White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine, tweeted that he was asked “Why does the President hate me?” by a young boy.

A young Hispanic boy.

Who recognized his press credentials while randomly riding on the Metro.

So the boy followed enough fake news from the media to worry that the president hated him?

Trump supporters and other members of the media unleashed on Karem, who made headlines in June for interrupting deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press briefing.

The merciless mockery continued, as many Twitter users showed Karem that two can play that game.

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