Watch: Black Trump-supporter called out, then spit on for wearing MAGA hat

Forget ‘driving-while-black.’

Apparently, ‘supporting-Trump-while-black’ is even more dangerous these days, especially from fellow black people of the liberal persuasion.

We’re not entirely sure where this took place, but Live Leak has recorded a video of a black man being assaulted by a fellow black American who drove by and observed him simply wearing a red MAGA hat.

“Come here. Come right here,” the man said after stopping his vehicle. “I’m not gonna do nothing to you yet. Why the f*ck do you got this hat on?”

“Why the f*ck you got this Donald Trump hat on?” he asked again.

“It looks good, right?” the man teased.

“No it don’t. It looks stupid. Bro, that’s crazy. You’re black…”

As if a black person can’t support President Trump?

“Just because I’m black I have to believe everything you believe?” the man asked back.

At which point the man, apparently unable to answer the question, unleashed what sounded like a massive, disgusting loogie, then drove away shouting “enjoy your day!”

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Here’s a sampling of Twitter reaction to yet another assault on Trump-supporting black Americans.

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