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SNAP! The moment an exercise machine rips an unsuspecting woman’s gym shorts clean off

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Exercise machine fails are all over YouTube these days, but one woman unwittingly added an epic video to the genre when an exercise machine she was using managed to relieve her of her pants.

While she was upside down.

Talk about being caught with your pants down. Or, is that up?

On video.

The clip, shared by RM Videos, shows the woman doing some sort of upside-down strength-training exercise that involved her placing her feet inside machine straps so she could hang upside down.

After only a few reps of push-ups, the machine decided to somehow let her feet go and kept her leggings instead, or at least pulled them down to around her ankles.

The woman is seen laughing as she quickly pulls her pants back up before anyone saw … likely not knowing she’d be the latest exercise fail YouTube star.

Fortunately, she seems to have managed to take it all in stride. And even more fortunately, the woman was wearing something underneath those tight leggings!

Watch the clip below:

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