‘Whoops!’ Antifa dude left bloodied after being mistaken as a ‘neo-Nazi’ by another Antifa dude

Ah, the perils of making blanket assumptions about others based on appearance…

A video reportedly from last weekend’s “Free Speech Rally” in Boston shows a man said to be with Antifa just after he was decked by another Antifa thug who mistook him for a neo-Nazi.

A black woman is seen in the video lecturing protesters on the etiquette of being a violent left-wing antagonist.

“You do not hit somebody that you assume is a neo-Nazi,” the woman said. “You cannot do that!”

“He’s on our side,” she added, proving that even Antifa agrees with President Donald Trump that there are TWO sides.

Notice that the woman does not say not to hit anyone, just not someone mistaken for a neo-Nazi — of course if you show up at an Antifa protest with a skinned head, all bets are off.

As for the man, he is still sitting on the ground, stunned from the blow he took. When asked if he planned to to stick around, he replied,” I’m not exactly sure right now.”

Perhaps an epiphany on his part right before our eyes on the absurdity of the far left?

The reaction on social media show that a lot of Americans have already had that epiphany… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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