Illegal immigration activists launch sappy docudrama to gain sympathy, but it doesn’t exactly do the trick

Using “the power of story,” illegal immigrant advocates have launched a social media campaign to mainstream those who are in the United States illegally.

…an effort to shape the narrative on “immigration,” while redefining what citizenship means in America.

The overriding theme of the #UndocuJoy campaign is the victimhood of illegal aliens, as seen in a sharply produced video.

“Everyday, we wake up in a country that hates us,” says Yosimar Reyes, an illegal immigrant activist who also wrote the script.

The video, released by Define American, documents the “beauty” of hard working illegal immigrants as they wake up each day, go to work and otherwise carry on with their day — somehow, MS13 gang members didn’t make the cut.

The group is headed by journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant from the Philippines who has boldly declared more than once, “I am not going anywhere.”

Define American boasts on its website of partnering “with some of the biggest influencers in Hollywood,” which explains the high quality production and roll out of the docu-drama.

“Dear Undocumented People: This is for us by us. This is us as human beings: resilient and joyful. This is ,” Vargas tweeted along with a clip of the video.

“I love us. Because we have constantly had to prove our humanity and constantly done it beautifully. Because to stay human under these conditions, you have to have an understanding of beauty,” Reyes says in the clip.

How’s that for deep thinking… and victim hood. It’s enough self love to require a need for a tissue or two.

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The gist of the campaign is that illegal immigrants “deserve better,” and it “is not our fault” that they are breaking U.S. immigration laws.

The video, “Share the UndocuJoy,” can be seen in its entirety below

And while liberals couldn’t get enough of the call for open borders, social media users of a more conservative persuasion had other thoughts.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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